Google Rant – Six Minutes to Success

Six Minutes to Success by Bob Proctor . . . . you’ve searched for it and all Google gives you is garbage.

I’m sorry to digress but I was just doing a little research. I have a site devoted to Six Minutes to Success and I wanted to see what other sites are out there. To my dismay . . . what I found where a couple of sites devoted to illegal downloads and others with various technical information . . . but no real information on Bob Proctor’s excellent program. Just kind of got my goat so I needed to rant a little.

I’ll be straight with you. I hope you buy the program through my site because I get a little commission.

Reality though? I’m on the inside of the program and I’m liking what I see. After an initial skeptical look, I’ve not only warmed up to Mr. Proctor, but I’ve come to trust him.

Initially Bob was a little too slick for my tastes. A bit of an old school salesman that turned me off a bit. But as I took a deeper look my view changed. Yeah, Proctor maybe “old school” . . . but he is genuine. Think of him as a grandfather who believes in you so much that he KNOWS you can do or have anything you desire. I’ve come to really like the guy.

And the whole program is something I believe in so I took it a little bit personal when I saw Google dishing up garbage. I didn’t mean to waste your time, but I need to “vent” a little.

I think I’ve given a pretty good Six Minutes to Success review in another post, but I’ll give a quick recap since you’re here.

Essentially the program is a daily series of messages from Bob Proctor, each about a minutes long. Along with each message is an assignment designed to take about 5 minutes and, powerfully, step by step turn your life around and get you heading in the direction you want it to go.

There are plenty of support materials like workbooks, online seminars, downloads, etc . . . but it is the daily steps that are at the core and so powerful. And they are easy enough that anyone can find a way to work them into their life.

Many of us first know Bob Proctor from the Secret, the movie devoted to the Law of Attraction. While Bob is a big believer in this, Six Minutes to Success fleshes it out and presents concrete . . . and proven . . . steps to align yourself not only with the principles of the Law of Attraction, but a very solid and practical way to truly put them to work in your life.

I will warn you . . . this is not mere sitting around and wishing. You must take action. But the action you take is to align yourself completely with your desires and start traveling the road to them.

Six Minutes to Success has recharged me. I’m not lying when I say, “You owe it to yourself to check it out.

Six Minutes to Success